The Man Diet Review – Does It Really Work?

Review Of The Man Diet By Chad Howse

the man diet review chad howseMen and women run on different hormones: men on testosterone, and women on estrogen.  Both of these hormones can be adjusted by the way we eat.  Strangely though, many men continue to eat the same foods and in the same manner as women, resulting in loss of testosterone.  In fact, studies show that in the last 20 years, a man’s average testosterone levels have gone down by 25% across all age groups.  What is the solution?

The Man Diet, a downloadable e-book and resources put together by Chad Howse, has taken this idea and turned it into a program to help men eat in a way that helps build testosterone.  How good is this product?

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The Man Diet Review: Overview

When you purchase The Man Diet, you are purchasing one man’s successful quest for ways to naturally increase testosterone.  In an age where most diet programs are designed for women, Chad Howse has created a tailor-made diet that is solely for men, and guarantees tangible results.

His methods do not follow the normal low-carb, low-fat idea that most diets are pushing.  Instead, Chad focuses on naturally building testosterone by consuming the foods that men already enjoy eating.


What Is Included With The Man Diet?

1. The Man Diet
This incredible e-book shows men how to eat like men.  They will be learning how, when, and what to eat so that they can build lean muscle mass, raise testosterone levels, recover quicker, live happier, and be more dominant men.

2. The Man Diet Meal Log
This log helps the user to ensure that he’s eating the right things at the right time.

3. The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide
This guide will help men to start out easier by learning how to build muscle and shred fat while still eating all the food they love!  Pizza, ice cream, and bread are still on the menu, and Chad explains the science behind why this works.

4. Quickstart Guide
This great quickstart guide contains all the information of The Man Diet but in summarized format.  It teaches men to create an optimal lifestyle, but with only the basic information they need.  It’s a quick, light, and easy start to The Man Diet.

5. Supplement Guide
This guide provides men with information regarding the nutrients which can be added to their diet plan to increase testosterone.  Chad shows what myths to avoid (such as ‘testosterone boosters’) and what really works.

6. Unlimited updates!
Even after going through all of this material, you still haven’t reached the end.  Chad has regularly updated content, and you’ll receive the latest editions of the products you have already purchased without any additional cost.


How Does The Man Diet By Chad Howse Work?

Many different functions of a man’s body run on testosterone.  This includes, of course, sex drive, but also can impact bone density, energy levels, levels of muscle mass and fat tissue, and even a man’s state of mind.  Upon learning that they have low testosterone levels, the solution that many men turn to is testosterone replacement therapy.

What Chad explains in his book is that these are basically glorified steroids, and that after a few months on TRT, a man’s body can no longer produce testosterone optimally.  Men then become dependent on these very expensive injections, which leave their bodies unable to produce the hormone naturally.


So How Is The Man Diet Different?

This is not a quick fix book, nor can be considered a starvation diet. It is one of the best masculine approaches for losing weight and developing your body.

The Man Diet provides a completely different approach to weight loss, which is focused on building testosterone in order to burn fat.  In his book, Chad Howse exposes many other weight loss programs as actually lowering male testosterone.  Instead, he provides ways to naturally raise and maintain testosterone levels.  Without rigorous workouts, Chad Howse shows men how to lower excess fat, increase energy levels, and boost muscle development.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of The Man Diet?


Build Muscle, Burn Fat Following The Man Diet means that you will naturally shred fat while building lean muscle mass.

Heal Faster  Testosterone is a tissue-repairing hormone. That’s why it helps you to recover much quicker than you can without optimal testosterone levels.

Increase Free Testosterone Levels Most scientists and doctors agree that free testosterone is the only form of the hormone that matters.  This is because it’s free to move about the body and repair tissue instead of being bound to proteins.

Easy to follow  This diet is one that men will look forward to following.  It includes no boring foods, and starving yourself is not required.

For Men of all Ages If a man is between the ages of 18 and 120, this diet is recommended.

Not Like a Normal Diet The Man Diet doesn’t require calorie counting, nor does it promote eating low-fat or low-carb.

Aids in Reducing the Risk of Cancer This is something everyone likes to hear, and it’s true because the diet is natural.

Increase Sex Drive This is what you were looking for, isn’t it?  Of course, building testosterone means that the men will be better in bed.

Increase Energy Levels This diet is all about getting men to their full potential, including in regard to energy.

60 Money Back Guarantee So there is really nothing to worry about.

Very Reasonable Price Only $19.95!

High Rates of Success Just look for testimonials online and you’ll find an incredible amount of happy customers.



Only in Digital Format The Man Diet is only available as a downloaded book, so anyone looking for the paper edition won’t find it.

Not For Vegans/Vegetarians If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this approach to eating won’t be suitable for you.

Not an Overnight Fix This diet takes time, but with effort will bring good results.

Not suitable for women This may seem rather obvious, considering the title, but it does limit the audience for this diet program.


Who Can Benefit From The Man Diet?

In a word: Men.   All men.

This applies to men who are completely new to dieting and fitness, and also to men who have purchased a number of dieting and health books.  This program was created by a man who wanted what all men want: to take full advantage of the potential of his body and get into the best shape possible.

This book is also practical for bodybuilders and professional athletes who are aiming to be at the peak of their fitness potential.


The Man Diet Review:  Conclusion

Just a quick walk through this product’s website will show that many men are now happy customers of Chad Howse, and have found success with The Man Diet. It helps men to enjoy what they eat, while still losing weight and gaining muscle.  Best of all, this is a totally natural diet, which means you are building your body up the way it was meant to be.

Any man who is serious about feeling and being his best should definitely invest in this product.  With a 60 day money-back guarantee, how could anyone go wrong?

It’s time to feel like a real man again!

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